Samsung Interoir Film is well-renowned Interior Film Manufacturer from South Korea. SOIF has developed and supplied by expressing patterns and color texture of various patterns. SOIF’s design is superior compared to the existing finishing materials, the interior finishing materials can be selected according to the atmosphere and purpose of the consumer from natural wood grain type, luxurious metal type, elegant leather and suede type. In addition, Special adhesive treatment allows easy installation on flat as well as curved surfaces, making it more economical and easier to install than other finishes.

Product Structure

Compared with existing surface finishes, installation is easier, which reduces work schedules. The precision of the work is improved.It is also efficient as it can be easily changed if it needs to be changed or repaired.
 Design originality

Natural wood grain type and More.

It is possible to produce various colors, Patterns and surface textures such as highquality metal type, leather and suede texture type.

Excellent adhesion due to special adhesive treatment for applying on flat and curved surfaces.

Excellent durability against impact, friction, and scratches. Excellent dimension stability against changes in heat, temperature and humidity, and contamination resistance from solvents and chemicals.
 Excellent flame retardancy & Safety

It is a product that passed strict fire-prevention inspection of the KOREA FIRE INSTITUTE.
Chemical properties
Test Content Test Result Test Method Memo
Chemical resistance Chemical Result Film on aluminium plate Attached

After 48 hours soaking in chemicals.

Test the damage measurements
Haptane No Affect
Ethyl alcohol No Affect
Water No Affect
Salibe Water (5%) No Affect
MEK Damaged
xylene Damaged
Flame Retardant KS Standard Self-extinguishing Film on aluminum plate

Flame retardant test after attachment
Adhension Strength Surface Without Primer With Primer
(No Primer) (When Apply) 2.5 cm wide specimen

On each bonded surface attach

After 2 days at room temperature

Test by Tensile speed 300mm / min.

On condition 180 degree PEELTest
Plywood (lauan) 1.8 2.7
Plywood (Pine) 0.5 3.5
Gypsum board - 0.5
Asbestos Slate 0.5 3.2
Melamine Adhensive Steel Sheet 3.2 5.2
Aluminum 2.5 3.5
Stainless 2.7 3.5
Acryl 2.9 3.5
ADF 1 1.9
Physical properties
Test Content Result Test Method Memo
Dimentional Stability (Shrinkage) Within 0.1mm 150mm X 150mm on aluminum plate apply 100mm X 100mm specimen

After leaving for 2 days at 65 degrees Measure teh Gap
Attachment temperature 18~25 c Proper Temperature for Construction work
Weather resistance Not Affect XENON ARC LAMP weather resistance tester

Discoloration or fading after 300 hours (Irradiation Measuring results)
Wear resistance No Change TABER wear tester, wear rate CS-17

After testing under 1KG load condition, Surface pattern change measurement (more than 5000 times)
Heat resistance No Change Attach the film to the aluminum plate

After 30 days left at 60 degrees

Adhension Measurement
Moisture resistance No Change Attach the film to the aluminum plate

After 30 days left at 40 degrees

90% RH > Adhension Measurement
Cold resistance No Change Attach the film to the aluminum plate

After 15 days left at 30 degrees > Adhension Measurement
Chemical resistance No Change Drop the materials on the surface

After 24 hours, Remove with a blister

Measurement of spot occurrence saline Water (1%), Ethanol (50%), Olefin oil, Orange juice, Caustic soda (10%), Coffee, Cola, Milk, Vinegar

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