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CK INTERIOR FILM WHOLESALE is a well-known interior films supplier that exist in this competitive market for many years.

We have broad experience in providing customized interior films solution that aims to fulfil different customers’ needs. We keep improving the latest design and pattern of interior films to maximize customer expectations.

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Indoor building
materials tested

Anti-bacteria safety

Selected as a promising enterprise in South Korea

Bespoke lantern

Excellent flame-retardant performance & safety

Flame-retardant &
Eco-Certified from Spain

Premium Matt
PREMIUM COLLECTION for the most matte and stylish design and space connection with near-zero glossiness, a variety of veneers, abstract patterns and fabrics are now PREMIUM MATT for a more luxurious material expression.

PREMIUM MATT are specially designed for surfaces. Soft texture and luxurious matte display. Through NON-SCRATCH functions and painting techniques, Premium products that maximize luxury.

From Standard OAK to TEAK and ELM, the various woodgrain designs are the best material to add warmth to the space.

Special Product such as ‘MULTI PRINTING’ products that express the texture of wood more prominently, and a variety of patterns and colors. S, M, and N series are showing a rich & trendy woodgrain. Choose a product that fits your space.

Monotonous but modern, it’s a colourful solid for the space. From basic solids with colour, embossed products with new embosses in a variety of colours, to changes in the painted range for a more diverse blend of colours.

Soif solids are now enriched by new colours and ranges.

Apply a natural (floating) sensibility and original design to your space with colours such as concrete, stone and marble, and three-dimensional embossing. With its unchanging beauty, the stone material blends harmoniously with a variety of textured materials, including metal, matte and light, to add weight to the space and create a more luxurious atmosphere
Monochromatic and metallic, these two materials have recently become the most popular materials in a variety of spaces, from furniture, art walls to home appliances. Enjoy a modern change to suit your style in a variety of space.
Fabric and Leather
Add warmth to your space with our range of rich leather materials. Blend with wood & rattan furniture to create a truly luxurious look and feel.

Why Choose Us

Good Quality
Quality is our supreme concern, thus we lay emphasis on the quality of our products.
Competitive Price
We promise the quality of our products, the best price, the best choice.
Seamless Joint
Ultra long one-piece flexibility that comes with 50m long and 1.22m wide.
Low Formaldehyde
Super low formaldehyde product that enhance your indoor air quality.

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